Tinchy Stryder vs Maniac

Released: 24th November 2008

Track list
01. Warm up (Tinchy Stryder)
02. Wait till the moon comes out (Tinchy Stryder)
03. Fly away (Tinchy Stryder)
04. Rollin’ (Tinchy Stryder featuring Delusion)
05. No cape (Tinchy Stryder featuring Fuda Guy)
06. Pray for me (Tinchy Stryder)
07. Mandem (instrumental) (Maniac)
08. Snake bite (instrumental) (Maniac)
09. Grime kid (instrumental) (Maniac)
10. Star in the making remix (instrumental) (Maniac)
11. What da rass (instrumental) (Maniac)
12. Warzone (instrumental) (Maniac)
13. E3 shank shank (featuring God’s Gift)
14. Rollin’ remix (featuring Roachee)

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