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Vision Crew – Seeing Is Believing

Fri, Sep 11, 2020


Track list
01. Bring it back (featuring Tyzz, GOLD1E, Whackeye, Ezro, Pascall)
02. Stage show (featuring Ezro, GOLD1E, Whackeye)
03. Up all knight (featuring GOLD1E, Pascall, Ezro, Whackeye)
04. Heights (featuring Ezro, Pascall, GOLD1E, Whackeye, Tyzz)
05. Lead the way (featuring Tyzz, GOLD1E, Ezro, Whackeye, Pascall)
06. Gimme dat (featuring WhackEye, Ezro)
07. Ain’t stopping (featuring Zino, Blue)
08. Bitch, don’t kill my vibe (feauring Ezro, WhackEye, Tyzz)
09. No discussions (featuring GOLD1E, Pascall, Whackeye, Ezro, Tyzz)
10. Bounce (featuring GOLD1E, Pascall)
11. Still in the blue (featuring Ezro, Pascall, M1, GOLD1E)
12. Don’t follow, part 2 (featuring Ezro, Pascall)

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