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BDL Bipolar

Released: 6th July 2018
Label: Dice Recording Music

Track list
01. BDL protest intro (Skit)
02. Woah
03. Hello hi 2 (featuring Ed Sheeran)
04. 5AM (featuring Moelogo)
05. Hell no (featuring Izzie Gibbs & Dizmack)
06. Love is a game (featuring Chu)
07. BDL radical speech (Skit)
08. Grime battle of Hastings (featuring The Town Crier)
09. Charlie Sheen (featuring Hellabandzee)
10. Sunshine (featuring Craig David & Star.One)
11. Taxi to Brixton (Skit)
12. Celebrate (featuring Teedot & Tizzy)
13. Chabuddy G (Skit) (featuring Chabuddy G)
14. Asian BDL (Skit) (featuring Moe)
15. How you dance (featuring Shizzio & Panjabi MC)
16. Help (featuring Laville)
17. Daddy go hard (featuring Nina Alexis & Scouse Tremz)
18. Keith Lemon (Skit)
19. Sloosha
20. Lonely road (featuring Chu)
21. What is it now
22. Big bro (Skit) (featuring Big Bro)
23. Sinners (featuring Xaviour)
24. Control (featuring Raleigh Ritchie)
25. Mae Mae (Skit) (featuring Mae Mae)
26. Blood (featuring Takura)

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