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100 Bags

grim sickers 100 bags www.grimehq.com

Track list
01. Black bin bag him (featuring Villian, NoLay, D2, Royal, Mez, Izzie Gibbs, Snowy, Row D, Jammz, Ten Dixon, Dubzy, Ghostly, Syco & Cally)
02. Jenga (featuring NoLay)
03. Jack Sickers (featuring Nasty Jack)
04. Infinity forever (featuring Don Menna)
05. Chop him up and Tesco bag him (Darx Elements remix)
06. Sugar Ray (featuring Clipson & Vader)
07. Means to me
08. Only way out (featuring Benji Clements)
09. Know yourself (featuring Discarda, D-Power, Ego, Eyez, Proton & Majic)
10. Ballistic (featuring Hitman, Blaydes, Myles & Big Zuu)
11. Not much to do
12. Jason Statham (featuring Myles)
13. Time flies
14. Anything I spray
15. Be without me
16. Chop him up and Tesco bag him (John Brown The Rebel remix)
17. Jenga (featuring NoLay) (Wen remix)

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