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Friday The 13th: Special Edition

kdot friday the 13th special edition www.grimehq.com

Track list
01. Intro
02. Where I’m from (featuring Milks)
03. Slug fest (featuring Milks & Tez Kidd)
04. Thinking
05. My niggaz
06. Growing pains
07. Riot music (featuring Uge Clack & Bla)
08. Queen of Hearts (featuring Milks)
09. 2 spliffs and a magnum (featuring AK)
10. Mr Leng part 2
11. Swear On the bible remix (featuring AK)
12. Nah then nobhead (featuring AK, Kannan, Milks & Raw Kid)
13. Poundcake freestyle
14. What a life (featuring Kannan, Predz & K1)
15. Wet (featuring Milks, AK & Kannan)
16. Where I’m from remix (featuring P Money)

DOWNLOAD: Kdot – Friday The 13th: Special Edition