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A Little Back Then With Now

Track list
01. The grime scene part 1
02. Catch me if you can
03. P is a rascal (preview)
04. No help or handouts (featuring Tempman & Desperado)
05. Gangster lean (preview)
06. More money more paper
07. Wonderboy
08. The other one (skit)
09. Don’t jump (preview)
10. Sounds and gimmicks
11. Low key (Eman featuring P Money & Little Dee)
12. Pulse eskimo
13. Greatest bars
14. Who’s next (skit)
15. Corrupted youngers (preview)
16. Yo yo yo (featuring Eman)
17. Boo
18. What did he say (preview)

DOWNLOAD: P Money – A Little Back Then With Now