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The Man The Myth

paper pabs the man the myth www.grimehq.com

Released: 1st March 2013

Track list
01. Anti Christ (featuring Bossman Birdie)
02. Saviour
03. Get by like that (featuring Big H)
04. 30 miles
05. Bring it back (featuring Blade Brown, Bossman Birdie & Profit)
06. Mums life (featuring Big H)
07. No worse (featuring Bossman Birdie)
08. Tangerine dream (featuring Black the Ripper)
09. We waved (featuring Bossman Birdie)
10. Carry me (featuring Mike GLC & Meridian Dan)
11. Belly of the beast (featuring Charlie Hustle)
12. Illuminati masons (featuring Milli Major & Meridian Dan)
13. Cokaroma (featuring Big H)
14. Stepping stone (featuring Big H)