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Released: 13th January 2017

Track liat
01. Birds n bars
02. Bring them all / Holy grime (featuring Devlin)
03. Name brand (featuring Jme, Frisco, J2K)
04. Speaker box
05. Back with a banger
06. Joe Bloggs (featuring Newham Generals & Prez T)
07. Pattern up properly (featuring Flowdan & Jamakabi)
08. Can’t go wrong
09. 6 in the bloodclart morning (featuring Ghetts)
10. U were always (featuring Skepta)
11. On this (featuring Ice Kid & Chip)
12. Bait face (featuring Scratchy)
13. My direction (featuring Lethal Bizzle)
14. Like it or not (featuring Breeze)
15. Lucid
16. Laptop (featuring Manga)
17. P Money remix (featuring P Money)

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