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What They Didnt Want

Released: 1st December 2017
Label: Ozone Music

Track list
01. This is not an intro, just how I feel
02. On the endz
03. Zone four
04. Higher (featuring Nafe Smallz)
05. Should be gone interlude (featuring Nafe Smallz)
06. Hold on wait (featuring KongLit)
07. Untitled
08. Die young live forever (featuring Paris Shields & JRiley)
09. Her beauty interlude (featuring Paris Shields)
10. Anyone (featuring Wiley, Reds & Izzie Gibbs)
11. Owe you one
12. Talk down / Playground
13. My turn
14. Write a song
15. City missions interlude (featuring Dolapo)
16. Therapy / MJ reincarnate (featuring Dot Rotten)

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