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Vibes ‘N’ Shocks

Label: Aftershock

Track list
01. Chronicles DVD
02. Told you (Highly flammable)
03. Bruza speaks: How did the shock form
04. Cock back (featuring Hyper, D Double E, Riko & Bruza)
05. Champion (featuring Fumin, Triple Threat, Sharky Major, Ryder, Krucial, Hyper & Jammer)
06. Get me (Bruza)
07. Bruza speaks: How long has Bruza been spitting
08. Da rush (Bruza & Demon)
09. Bruza speaks: Lord of the mics
10. Dirt of your shoulder (Bruza featuring Jay Z)
11. So real (Bruza)
12. Doin me (Bruza)
13. Bruza speaks: Cockney authentic?
14. What U waiting for (Bruza)
15. Bruza speaks: Gimmicks
16. Not better than me (Bruza)
17. Bruza speaks: How powerful is Aftershock
18. Doggie Freestyle (2Nice)
19. Gangsta No’z (2Nice, Royal & Devilman)
20. Tell em’ why (featuring Ears, Fumin, Devilman, Royal & Capelton)
21. Terror Danjah speaks: 2Kshock/Underation
22. Old school love (El Rae)
23. 2nite (El Rae)
24. Zumpi Huntah (Loudmouth Melvin)
25. Terror Danjah speaks: Definition of Zumpi
26. Zumpi Huntah (Youf)
27. Zumpi Huntah (2Nice)
28. Terror Danjah speaks: Story of Badness
29. Dem (Badness)
30. Boomting (Badness)
31. Terror Danjah speaks: Kano/Sadie so sure
32. So sure (Sadie)
33. The one (Wiley & Sadie)
34. Terra Danjah speaks: Aftershock & Shola Ama
35. With you (Shola Ama)
36. Terror Danjah speaks: Gemma Fox joining Aftershock
37. Feeling grow (Gemma Fox featuring 2Nice)
38. Terror Danjah speaks: New ages Soul 2 Soul?
39. Life (featuring Shizzle, Bruza, Sadie, Triple Threat & Royal)
40. What is love (Magnum force)
41. Terror Danjah speaks: Bums in the future?
42. Pay attention (Aftershock)
43. Live (Kano)
44. Outro
45. Exclusive bonus: Tubby T

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