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Riddlelation Vol.2

riddla riddlelation vol.2 www.grimehq.com

Track list
01. Notts Link Up 2012 (Riddla remix) (Kidda Beats)
02. Hey freestyle (Mez)
03. East On The Map Remix (Statz featuring MIK)
04. Death Note freestyle (Ruk Rik)
05. Headshot Season (Riddla Remix) (Rival)
06. Greeze remix (Rico)
07. Who’s That Chick (Kriss Riss)
08. Wile Out (Problem featuring Too Tone)
09. I Love Bitches (D Flowz featuring Jay Eye)
10. Dominate (Westlee)
11. So Cool (Nartz featuring Too Tone)
12. Power (Vega featuring Jay Gold)
13. Thanks To You (Garton)
14. Raining (Too Tone)
15. Girls Love Us (featuring Mprgan & Jay Swarve)
16. Chasing The Sun Cover remix (Jackie Scott)
17. Sex Addict remix (Morgan)
18. My Jam (Snowy)

DOWNLOAD: Riddla – Riddlelation Vol.2