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Hardrive Vol.1

Released: 2008
Label: Aftershock

Track list
01. Work (featuring Levy, Badness, Triple Threat, Teddy Bruk Shut & Bruza)
02. Morph (featuring Double S, Griminal, Youf, Messy, S Kid, Chipmunk, Little D & P Money)
03. Haterz (featuring Youf & Lethal Bizzle)
04. Reloadz (grime and bass) (featuring Durrty Goodz)
05. Grime is dead (featuring Marciephonix & Hypa Fenn)
06. Wow (featuring Calibar)
07. How we livin’ remix (featuring Kano, Scorcher, Chipmunk & Wretch 32)
08. Waste my time (featuring Joci & Mz Bratt)
09. Jus wanna be me (featuring Lauren Mason)
10. Forgets (featuring Shola Ama)
11. Zumpi huntah (instrumental)
12. Limbo (instrumental)
13. Square off (instrumental)
14. Planet shock (instrumental)
15. Oxtail (featuring Magnum Force & D.O.K) (instrumental)
16. Shrink wrap (featuring Sir Spyro) (instrumental)
17. Spooky (2007 remix) (instrumental)
18. Kiss chase (featuring Swindle) (instrumental)
19. Red dust (instrumental)
20. Zumpi huntah (D.O.K remix) (instrumental)
21. Boogie man (featuring Trim, Wiley, Riko, Footsie & D Double E)
22. Reloadz remix (featuring Durrty Goodz, Badness & Shabba D)

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