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With exception to exclusive content originally created by grimehq.com, all music videos, artwork covers and photos featured on GrimeHQ.com belong to the relevant title holder(s). Grimehq.com does not own, or claim to own, any of this material. All featured material is strictly for promotional use and no copyright infringement is intended. All material featured on this website (including music, videos, artwork covers, photos or anything else related) can be removed at any time upon the legal copyright owner(s) request.

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All free downloads featured on this website (including promos, EPs, mixtapes and albums) were originally released by, or on behalf of, the relevant artist(s), producer(s), label(s) or third parties and are for promotional use only. Download links featured on this website may belong to a third party. External websites may contain copyright material. Grimehq.com does not accept any liability for this. Free downloads links can be removed at any time upon the request of the legal copyright holder.

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